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Truth Clarification in Chinatown

The Chinese New Year celebration and parade organized by Washington DC Chinese Society took place on March 3. The Mayor of Washington DC and other government officials were invited to attend. The hosting committee informed practitioners that Falun Gong and Minghui School would be one of the main teams. They also expressed their appreciation of the volunteer effort practitioners have made to many activities.

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Western Falun Gong Practitioner Steve Plants Flowers Voluntarily in Chinatown in Boston (July 6, 2004) Sydney, Australia: Falun Gong Practitioners Held Continuous 35-Day Activity to Clarify the Truth in Chinatown
Toronto Practitioners Diligently Promote Dafa And Clarify The Truth To Chinese in Chinatown On August 18, 2001, New York City practitioners held a poster exhibition at the Confucius Plaza in Chinatown to clarify the truth to Chinese speaking people.
Commemorative Activities in Canberra, Australia on July 20, 2000 Poster Exhibition to Introducing Falun Dafa in New York Chinatwon in October 2000
Practitioners Held Grand Parade in Chinatown in Chicago to Clarify the Truth on June 25, 2001 Practitioners Held Grand Parade in Chinatown in Chicago to Clarify the Truth on June 25, 2001
Large Scale Exercise Demo and Clarifying the True Facts of Falun Dafa in Chinatown in Vancouver, Canada on December 9, 2001 Clarifying the truth in Vancouver's Chinatown during Chinese New Year on February 18, 2002
Washington DC Practitioners and Minghuo School Invited to Participate in Chinese New Year Celebration in Chinatown Falun Gong Practitioners from San Francisco Hold a Benefit Performance to Clarify the Truth in Chinatown on Independence Day
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