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Falun Gong Free Exercise Instruction Classes

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France: Falun Gong Seminar Held At a Vietnamese Community in Paris Falun Gong Introductory Session, Houston, Texas
Falun Gong Seminar in San Francisco Bay Area, California Invitation for Falun Gong Seminar from the Women's Association of Dudley City, UK
Singapore: A 9-Day Falun Gong Class France: A 9-Day Falun Gong Seminar
Falun Gong Seminar, Portland, Maine Falun Gong Exercises Workshop in a DC Library  in 1999
An Exhibition Held in Conjunction with Singapore Fa Conference in 1998 Falun Dafa Video Lecture, Kiev, Ukraine
Falun Gong Exercises Workshop, Ottawa Chapters Store Falun Gong Exercises Workshop, Laredo, Texas
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