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Truth Clarification at Schools

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Falun Gong Practitioners in Houston Were Invited to Teach Falun Gong in Post Oak Private School (February 23, 2000) Taiwan: Falun Dafa Week activities - posters in National Chiang Kai-shek University (May 21, 2001)
Taiwan: Falun Gong practitioners hold 'Falun Dafa Week' series activities in National Chiang Kai-shek University (May 21, 2001) Peaceful Hearts under a Scorching Sun-- Promoting Falun Dafa at a Local Sports Event in Taiwan
Germany: High school students intrduce Falun Gong in scool and explain the truth of Falun Gong (September 5, 2001) U.K. practitioners held a week-long Dafa photo exhibition in the central library in the city of Cambridge (September 12, 2001)
Houston Practitioners Participated in a Walk in Houston University to Clarify the Truth on the morning of October 28, 2001 Falun Dafa Welcomed in South Dakota State University (November 4, 2001)
Falun Gong Introduction in the Purdue University International Awareness Week (April 8, 2002) Demonstrating Falun Gong Exercises on the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of the National Lungsheng Elementary School in Taiwan
Demonstrating the Exercises at Fengming High School Anniversary Game, Yingge, Taiwan Holding a photo and poster exhibition at Hong Kong University
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