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Peaceful Appeal-Meditation

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800 Falun Gong Practitioners from over 20 Countries Stand on United Nations Square in Geneva and Call for Help to Stop the Human Rights Violations in China in April 2001 Peaceful appeal during UN Summit in 2002
A senior participates in the peaceful protest outside the Fairmont Olympic Hotel before Hu Jintao left Seattle for Washington DC on April 19, 2006 San Francisco Practitioners' Appeal Enters Its First Week - City Council Member Expresses Support in March 2002
In front of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, Fadu held her father's photo in her arms and appeal in 2003 On the 59th United Nations Commission on Human Rights, over a thousand Falun Gong practitioners convened in Geneva, Switzerland to appeal and call for help to stop the Jiang regime from persecuting innocent Falun Gong
Members of the Europe Council and NGO Representatives Condemn the CCP's Crimes and Call for Investigation: A member of the Council of Europe reads the Falun Gong display attentively [April, 2006] Candlelight Vigil in front of L.A. Chinese Consulate to commemorate fellow practitioners tortured to death in China
Toronto, Canada: Grieving Falun Dafa Practitioners Who Have Lost Their Lives for Upholding the Truth on April 5, 2001 Hong Kong: Practitioners Have Group Practice and Peaceful Appeal in front of Former Location of Xinhua News Agency in May 2001
After 40 days of 24-hour silent sitting in front of the Chinese Embassy in Berlin, two practitioners started their hunger strike on August 19, 2001 to call on Jiang Zemin's regime to stop persecuting Falun Gong Three Canadian Practitioners Start Hunger Strike in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa to call for an end of the peresecution on August 21, 2001
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