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Torture Exhibits

On 10/9/04, Falun Gong practitioners held their second "Live Reenactment of Torture Methods and Anti-persecution Photo Exhibition" in downtown Kao Hsiung,Taiwan.

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Korea: Raising Awareness of the Persecution in China to the 7th ICNHRI UK: On 9/24/04, Anti-Torture Exhibition Tours Scotland
France: A Professional Photographer is Touched by the Anti-Torture Exhibition   Southern Taiwan: People are Deeply Moved by the Live Reenactment of Torture Methods
Taiwan: Torture Methods and Anti-Persecution Photo Exhibition in KaoHsiung City Anti-Torture Exhibition Draws Attention in Seoul, Korea
Switzerland: Successful Anti-Torture Exhibition in the City of Uri Korea: Anti-Torture Exhibition in Anyang Moves Local Residents
USA: Anti-Torture Exhibit is Held at UT Austin, Texas                        2617509131301 France: An Anti-Torture Exhibition Supports for China's Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners
Korea: People Gain Health & Mind Improvement through the Practice of Falun Gong yet is Persecuted in China Hong Kong Practitioners Hold a Parade & Anti-Torture Exhibit - Call for an End to Jiang's Horrific Persecution
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