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Life Sciences

Human faces carved on the floor of a cave in France dating back 15,000 years re-attract attention.

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A Human Thighbone Found in Nevada to Suggest That Man Could Reach 2-3 Meters Crisscross of Dinosaur and Human Footprints from Cretaceous Period Discovered in Riverbed
A prehistoric Wall-Painting Found in Italy - dressed in Space Suit or as Hilghly Intelligent  Robot A Lion Head Human Carved Stone Considered to be the Oldest Statue - about Thirty Thousand Years Old
Photo of Giantic Candlestick in Nazca from 500 BC Mythical  Indian Ancient Iron Pillar
Color Image of Buddha - Jianama Stones in Qinghai Instrument for Measuring Location of Moon and Stars Used by Greek 3000 Years Ago
Human Faces Carved on the Floor of a Cave in France Dating Back 15,000 Years Re-Attract Attention Human Race 5300 Years Ago: A Drilled Hole of a Jadeware was Only 0.07 Millimeter
One of the Bisons on the Ceiling of Altamira in Spain, representing the Final Stage of Polychrome Art in which Four Shades of Colour are Used A Ten Thpousand Years Old Structure Found on the Seabottom
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