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Life Sciences

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 Hopi Prophecy Archaeologist Found a Ceramic Piece with Head Looking like Ape and Humanin the Majiabang Ruins in Zheijiang Province
Archaeologist Found a Ceramic Piece with Half body Statues from New Stone Age in Guanghe A Stonecarving Founf in Peru Showing a Man was Being Chased by a Dinosaur
The Ancient Footprint with Trilobite A Man-Made Iron Hammer from Dinosaur Period
Image Of An Angel An Uncommon Stone Imbedded with Screw-threaded Metal Bar from a Collector in Lanzhou
 The oldest image of a star pattern, that of the famous constellation of Orion, has been recognised on an ivory tablet some 32,500 years old Human Footprints in Pleistocene Volcanic Ash
One of the Bisons on the Ceiling of Altamira in Spain, representing the Final Stage of Polychrome Art in which Four Shades of Colour are Used Discovery in Nicaragua: A Remote Antiquity Ruin Site of Mayan Culture
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