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Witness to Torture

Horrific Abuse Revealed upon Death
Heilongjiang Practitioner Wang Bin was tortured to death on Septempber 24, 2000 by Daqing Men's Labor Campa. Hosptial examination showed: a lymph artery was broken; over a dozen of his bones, including his collar bone, sternum and ribs were broken; one of Wang's testicles was also split; the backs of Wang's hands were found to have been repeatedly burned; Wang's nostrils were burned and injured by the lit cigarettes that were inserted into them; and many parts of Wang's body were black and dark purple..

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Practitioner  Disabled  in the Second Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province Zou Yanjie's Feet Amputated Due to Persecution
Practitioner's Arm Fractured from Abuse Horrific Abuse Revealed upon Death
Practitioner Dies with Three Fractured Neck Vertebra Beijing Police Officer Beats and Rapes Female Practitioner in Public
Elderly Practitioner Killed in Detention  Dalian Development District Police Tortured Practitioner Mr. Li Zhongmin
Legs Amputated Due to Police Mistreatment Healthy Wang Xia Before Persecution
Poisoned and Tortured nearly to Death Practitioner Tortured to Death
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