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Witness to Torture

Falun Dafa practitioner Xin Minduo was sent to the Panjin City Labor Camp, where he was threatened, physically beaten, abused, and tortured. After half a year of undergoing a painful hunger strike to protest the forced labor and being held for a total of eleven months, he was on the verge of death.

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Practitioner Tortured Nearly to Death Sichun Practitioner Zhang Xiaohong Tortured to Death by Mianyang Xinhua Labor Camp
Heilongjiang Practitioner Chi Chunxia  Brutally Tortured  Practitioner Killed in Jixi City Detention Center
Practitioner Faints in Tiananmen Square from Police Beating Evidence of Brutality at Wanjia Labor Camp
Wounds from Electric Baton and Burning Practitioner Wang Haiyan Blinded due to Police Brutality
Six Month Pregnant Practitioner Beaten with Wooden Rod Blinded in Left Eye from Police Beating
Practitioner Wang Haiyan Blinded Due to Torture Professor Zhou Jingsen Tortured to Death
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