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Illegal Detention & Sentencing

Asian American Press reported that a United States resident's cousin, Ms. Yang Shulan has been abducted by police. The family has not known her whereabouts for two months.

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American Resident's Relative Abducted in China Two Year Old Boy Jailed with His Parents
Hao Lihua Illegally Sentenced to Three Years Imprisonment Li Chang Sentenced Eighteen Years
Graduate Student Zhao Ming Tortured in Forced Labor Camp Toronto Practitioner's Father Imprisoned in China
Guangdong Practitioner Tortured to Disability Chinese Scholar Hu Guoping Illegally Jailed
Jiaotong University Graduate Imprisoned Ms. Yang Huizhen Illegally Jailed
Ireland International Studetn Mr. Liu Feng Jailed In China Huang Xiong Abducted after Serving Two Years in Labor Camp
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