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Bringing Jiang Zemin to Justice

On 11/16/04, "Lawyers for five practitioners living in Ireland asked the Garda Commissioner over the weekend to investigate and arrest Huang Ju, who is on a three-day official visit to Ireland.Diplomatic immunity does not apply to allegations of torture. It is understood that late last night lawyers representing the Chinese group were also considering other avenues of pursuing their objective of having Mr Ju arrested."

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Arrest Sought Over Torture Claims as Chinese Vice-Premier Huang Ju Visits Ireland Criminal Lawsuit Filed Against Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan in Bolivia
Geneva, Switzerland: Zhang Cuiying Files a Petition against Jiang Zemin to United Nations Commission on Human Rights The Sweden Falun Gong Practitioners Sue Jiang Zemin
US Court Affirms That Beijing Party Secretary Liu Qi Is Liable for Crimes of Torture Ottawa: Mr. Michael Bergman Gives A Speech at the Press Conference on Quebec Superior Court Ruling that Orders the Montreal-based Chinese Newspaper to stop Publishing Anti-Falun Gong Materials.
Indonesian Falun Dafa Association Sues Chinese Embassy in Jakart and Practitioners Clarify the Truth to Media Rally in Taiwan on Lawsit against Jiang Zemin
Australia Artist Zhang Cuiying and World Well-known Human Rights Attorney Helping Her in Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin Press Conference: Falun Gong Practitioners Sue Jiang Zemin in Belgium
Chinese Community's First Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin Formally  Filed in Taiwan Geneva: During the 59th United Nations Commission on Human Rights Meeting, Swiss Lawyer Announces Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin
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