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Icelandic Incident

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Icelandic People Express Sorry on Newspaper for Icelandic Government's Unfair Treatment of Falun Gong Practitioners During Jiang's Visiting in June 2002 On June 14, 2002, Near 3000 Icelandic People March to Protest the Unfair Treatment of Practitioners During Jiang's Visiting to Iceland
US Congressman Writes to State Department to Urge Investigation on Icelandic 'Black List' of Practitioners during Jiang's Visiting to Iceland in June 2002 Benjamin A. Gilman, Chairman Emeritus of Committee of International Relations of US Congress Writes to Ambassdor of Iceland to USA About Icelandic Ban of Practitioners' Entry in June 2002
Iceland's Largest Newspaper Reported on Falun Gong Prominently on June 13, 2002 During JiangĄ¯s Visiting  Icelanders Protest in Front of Prime Minister's Office for Justice, Democracy and Freedom
Because of Jiang Regime's Pressure on Icelandic Government, 34 Falun Gong Practitioners from Different Countries Barred from Boarding Flights on IcelandAir in Paris Practitioners Have a Group Practice and Send Forth Righteous Thoughts in Front of Icelandic Parliament buildingin in 2002 during Jiang's Visiting
Practitioners Clarify the Truth to Icelandic Police in 2002 During Jiang's Visiting to Iceland Icelanders Seal Their Mouths to Protest against The Icelandic Government's Ban on Falun Gong Practitioners From Entering the Country
Icelandic People Hold Banners Reading, 'Falun Dafa, Truth Compassion, Tolerance' to Support Falun Gong and to Protest the Icelandic Government's Ban in June 2002 Many Icelandic People Learn to Practice Falun Gong in front of the Chinese Embassy in June 2002
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