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Recognition and Awards in China

On November 10, 1998 "Yangcheng Evening News" reported on the interest raised among officials from Martial Arts Association, Guangdong Provincial Sports Committee after watching the group exercise of 5000 Falun Gong practitioners.

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Article in 'Yangcheng Evening News': 'Old and young practice Falun Gong'. Master on the Cover of  'Art's Window', Issue 8
China Economic Times article: 'I Can Stand'. Letter of Appreciation from China's Ministry of Public Security
Article in People's Public Security Daily News, vol 956, September 21, 1993 Master on the Cover of 'Arts Window', Issue 4
Newspaper 'Medicine and Health' Recommends Falun Gong Medicine Health Care (China): The first selection for healing and fitness is Falun Gong. December 4, 1997
'Beijing Daily' Lists 'Zhuan Falun Vol. II' as a Best Seller in 1996 Article in 'China Youth Daily' : 'Life's Festival'
'Beijing Youth Daily' Lists 'Zhuan Falun' as a Best Seller Article in 'China Economy Times' about Health Benefits
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