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Overseas Recognition and Proclamations

Proclamation from New York State Senate
Proclaimation from New York State Senator recognizing Falun Dafa as a practice that promotes the physical, mental and spiritual well being of its practitioners, and honoring Falun Dafa Week, December 4-10, 2000.

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Proclamation from New York State Senate New York Senate Resolution
Citation from Pennsylvania House of Representatives Resolution from Missouri House of Representatives
New York Citation RecognizesFalun Dafa Week Pittsburg Resolution
Proclamation of Falun Dafa Week by City of Melbourne, Florida Proclamation praising Falun Gong from Illinois State Senator, November 13, 2001
Proclamation from New York Senator in recognition of Falun Dafa [May 13, 2004] New York State Proclaimation - page 2
New York Citation Honoring  Falun Dafa Week New Jersey State Senate Resolution
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