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Persecution Outside China

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Published on 4/14/2002 A Chinese special agent clutches at a German resident’s throat, 2002.
Published on 6/14/2002 Letter of apology from Icelandic people to Falun Gong practitioners for the actions of the Icelandic authorities, 2002.
Published on 7/2/2002 Falun Gong practitioners in Houston were attacked with eggs from a passing car while appealing in front of the Chinese Consulate, 2002.
Published on 7/2/2002 Houston Falun Dafa practitioners attacked with eggs thrown from passing vehicle while peacefully appealing in front of the Chinese Consulate, 2002.
Published on 7/4/2002 More than 100 Falun Gong practitioners barred from entering Hong Kong during the handover anniversary, suggesting that "One Country Two Systems" exists in name only, 2002.
Published on 7/5/2002 Indian Falun Gong practitioner, Doctor Ao Man-kuan, was barred from entering Hong Kong. Photo shows him teaching local people to practice.
Published on 7/15/2002 Hong Kong police falsely accuse Falun Gong practitioners of obstructing traffic during peaceful appeal, 2002.
Published on 1/17/2003 A staff member of the Chinese Embassy in the UK secretly videotapes Falun Gong practitioners who were attending the peaceful appeal on the opposite street, 2003.
Published on 2/5/2003 Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Charles Li from Menlow Park, California, detained in Chinese prison.
Published on 2/10/2003 Macao police step up illegal surveillance of Falun Gong practitioners, 2003.
Published on 2/23/2003 Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lu Li-ching sustains injuries in forced deportation by Hong Kong Police, 2003.
Published on 6/8/2003 Swedish Ambassador in Thailand escorts Mrs.Pirjo Svensson to Bangkok Airport, expressing his regret for the Thai government revoking her visa.