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Persecution Outside China

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Published on 12/21/2000 Australian Falun Gong practitioner suffers swollen forhead due to police beating in Macau, 2000.
Published on 12/21/2000 Falun Gong practitioner Tommas Robinson, from England arrested during Jiang Zemin’s visit to Macau, 2000.
Published on 12/21/2000 Falun Gong practitioners being arrested during Jiang Zemin’s visit to Macau, 2000.
Published on 7/15/2001 Chinese Consulate in Chicago disturbs Falun Dafa practitioners’press conference with trucks, 2001.
Published on 7/22/2001 Chinese official, Wei Deen, peeks from a window at practitioners appealing in front of the Chinese Embassy in Paris, July 22, 2001.
Published on 7/22/2001 The secretary of the Chinese Consulate, Wu Yongqin photographs Paris Falun Gong practitioners clarifying the truth in front of the Chinese Embassy, July 2001.
Published on 9/7/2001 Chinese special agent videotapes Falun Gong practitioners’ activities in Japan, 2001.
Published on 9/9/2001 Four Falun Gong practitioners appealing with a hunger strike were   assaulted by men from the Chinese Consulate in Chicago, 2001.
Published on 10/8/2001 Chinese Embassy staff member in Canberra assaults Falun Gong practitioners in broad daylight, 2001.
Published on 10/15/2001 A Chinese Consulate employee deliberately sprays water on Falun Gong practitioners sitting in meditation while he washes a car, Sydney, Australia, 2001.
Published on 12/8/2001 UK practitioner Mo Zhengfang with her daughter Minghui, who was denied a passport by the Chinese Embassy, 2001.
Published on 3/15/2002 China Liaison Office in Hong Kong pressures police to violently suppress and falsely charge 16 Falun Gong practitioners protesting Jiang’s order to "Kill without Pardon" 2002.
Published on 4/14/2002 A Chinese special agent clutches at a German resident’s throat, 2002.
Published on 6/14/2002 Letter of apology from Icelandic people to Falun Gong practitioners for the actions of the Icelandic authorities, 2002.
Published on 7/2/2002 Falun Gong practitioners in Houston were attacked with eggs from a passing car while appealing in front of the Chinese Consulate, 2002.
Published on 7/2/2002 Houston Falun Dafa practitioners attacked with eggs thrown from passing vehicle while peacefully appealing in front of the Chinese Consulate, 2002.
Published on 7/4/2002 More than 100 Falun Gong practitioners barred from entering Hong Kong during the handover anniversary, suggesting that "One Country Two Systems" exists in name only, 2002.
Published on 7/5/2002 Indian Falun Gong practitioner, Doctor Ao Man-kuan, was barred from entering Hong Kong. Photo shows him teaching local people to practice.
Published on 7/15/2002 Hong Kong police falsely accuse Falun Gong practitioners of obstructing traffic during peaceful appeal, 2002.
Published on 1/17/2003 A staff member of the Chinese Embassy in the UK secretly videotapes Falun Gong practitioners who were attending the peaceful appeal on the opposite street, 2003.
Published on 2/5/2003 Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Charles Li from Menlow Park, California, detained in Chinese prison.
Published on 2/10/2003 Macao police step up illegal surveillance of Falun Gong practitioners, 2003.
Published on 2/23/2003 Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Lu Li-ching sustains injuries in forced deportation by Hong Kong Police, 2003.
Published on 6/8/2003 Swedish Ambassador in Thailand escorts Mrs.Pirjo Svensson to Bangkok Airport, expressing his regret for the Thai government revoking her visa.
Published on 6/25/2003 Two Chinese Consulate officials in Chicago videotape practitioners from the rooftop of the consulate, 2003.
Published on 6/27/2003 Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Jun with a swollen black eye after being attacked by pro-communist assailants.
Published on 8/17/2003 American Falun Gong practitioner’s car was set on fire in a series of harrassment incidents, 2002.
Published on 8/17/2003 American Falun Gong practitioner’s apartment was broken into and wrecked in a series of harassment incidents.
Published on 8/17/2003 The window of an American Falun Gong practitioner was deliberately smashed in a series of harassment incidents, 2002.
Published on 10/30/2003 Lin Hsiao-kai returns to Taiwan after being detained by the Chinese authorities. He recounts his experience at a press conference with his wife, 2003.
Published on 10/30/2003 Suspicious man takes photos of Falun Gong practitioners during Kyoto’s float parade, 2003.
Published on 3/26/2004 Ms. Shi Wei stands in front of Chinese Embassy visa office in Virginia after they withheld her and her husband’s passports, 2004.
Published on 4/16/2004 Ms. Jinxia Wei and her husband’s applications for passport extensions were rejected by the Chinese Consulate in Houston, 2004.
Published on 4/29/2004 Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioner Ms. He Xiu-e’s examination report after being injected with unknown drugs by Hong Kong police during deportation, 2004.
Published on 5/1/2004 Taiwanese Falun Gong practitioner He Xiu-e alleges that Hong Kong authorities forged her signature while barring her entrance to Hong Kong, 2004.
Published on 6/11/2004 Virginia practitioner Cui Fushuang’s passport renewal was first granted and later cancelled by the Chinese Consulate in Houston, 2004.
Published on 6/18/2004 Falun Gong practitioner Dr. Li Qing, a student at Stanford University denied passport extension by the Chinese Embassy, 2004.
Published on 7/1/2004 Australian Falun Gong practitioner David Liang was shot in both feet by hired gunmen on his way to file a lawsuit against Zeng Qinghong in South Africa, 2004.
Published on 7/3/2004 Falun Gong practitioner David Liang from Australia; both feet wounded and one with shattered bones, 2004.
Published on 7/3/2004 Falun Gong practitoner Ms. Zhang Yu’s passport denied by the Chinese Consulate in Sydney, Australia, 2004.
Published on 7/6/2004 Falun Gong practitioner’s car that was shot by gunmen in South Africa. The picture shows bullet holes and punctured tires, 2004.
Published on 7/6/2004 New Zealand Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yu Jiangfang denied passport by Chinese Embassy in Aukland, 2004.
Published on 7/7/2004 Chinese consulate in Sydney deprives Falun Gong practitioner couple Mr. Ling Chunwang and Luo Runxiu their passports, 2004.
Published on 7/16/2004 Italian resident and Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Lan Jianhua’s passport extensions unreasonably denied by the Chinese Consulate in Milan, 2004.
Published on 7/20/2004 Chinese Embassy car follows and videotapes practitioners in Indonesia during parade to expose the persecution, 2004.
Published on 8/12/2004 Japanese artist and Falun Gong practitioner Li Yuan denied passport by Chinese Embassy, 2004.
Published on 8/16/2004 Spanish Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Shao Jingbiao deprived of his Chinese nationality for clarifying the truth, 2004.
Published on 8/17/2004 Japanese resident and Falun Gong practitioners Zhang Shuhua denied passport by Chinese Consulate in Osaka, 2004.
Published on 8/22/2004 Chinese Embassy in Tokyo denied Falun Gong practitioner, Chen Xuejuan’s passport extension, 2004.
Published on 9/10/2004 Chinese Man gives money to homeless person who harassed practitioners after lingering around during the harassment incident, 2004.
Published on 11/10/2004 Display of anti-Falun Gong propaganda prominantly displayed for two years at the Chinese Consulate in Toronto, 2004.