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Deception and Lies

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Published on 1/31/2001 Illustration of tracheotomy procedure indicates that it is inconceivable that Liu Siying spoke and sang clearly after the surgey.
Published on 2/5/2001 Three burning figures at Tiananmen Square mark the beginning of the "Self Immolation" hoax.
Published on 12/5/2002 Video analysis indicates that Liu Chunling was beaten to death and that the "self immolation" was a setup by Jiang’s regime.
Published on 5/15/2003 Deconstruction video "False Fire" shows clearly that Liu Chunling was struck in the head by a heavy object.
Published on 9/10/2004 Tiananmen Self-immolation "Burn Victim" is seen wrapped in bandages - a most unusual treatment if you ask any doctor.
Published on 9/10/2004 Individual said to be Wang Jindong appears to have been burned by fire, yet the sprite bottle that was alleged to hold gasoline remains intact between his legs.
Published on 9/10/2004 Real burn patients are kept uncovered, and medical staff must wear clean white coats and masks over their mouths in order to prevent infection, completely opposite from the photos of the "Self Immolation" burn victims.
Published on 9/10/2004 Reporter interviews "burn victim" Liu Shiying without any protection against infection.
Published on 10/2/2004 Three photos of "Wang Jindong" on Xinhua Net present evidence of Jiang regime’s criminal deception used to persecute Falun Gong.