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Torture Methods

Sexual Assault with a Shoeshine Brush
Female practitioners are stripped naked and hung in the air spread-eagle in shackles. With a shoeshine brush, prisoners violently penetrate the female practitioners' private areas until they bleed and lose consciousness from the pain.

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Tied in the Shape of a Ball and Hung from the Wrists Beating with a Bamboo Baton
Scalding with Boiling Water Beaten to Death while Handcuffed from behind
Drilling Large Holes in the Body Tied to a Chair and Stabbed with Needles
Forced Walking with Heavy Shackles Skin Scraped Raw with Metal Brushes
Guards Tape practitioner's Mouth and Hang Her from Upper Bunk Head Tied between Legs, Facing Forward
Sexual Assault with a Shoeshine Brush Force-feeding with Excrement And Urine
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