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Experiments on Water Crystals

Photo of water crystal after reading it with Germany of "Love and Thankfulness"

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Crystal after reading"Love/Thanks" in Japanese Photo of Cryatal with Distilled Water Labeled "Love, Gratitude" Influenced by Electromagnetic Waves
Photo of Crystal after 'Reading' it "Cosmos" in Japanese Taken after the container of water had been exposed to the written words "You are really nauseating and disgusting. IĄŻll kill you!"
Crystal after reading "Wisdom" in Japanese Water Crystal After "Reading" a Lotus Picture
This picture shows a crystal of water from Three Branch Spring . The spring is located in Kita Mikoma County of Yamanashi in Japan, which split into three branches at one point, and thus called Three Branch Spring. There are also three branches at each arm of the crystal. Crystal After Reading "Cosmos" in Greek
Crystals Frozen After Hearing ChopinĄŻs "Farewell Song" Photo of Water Crystal After Reading It with Germany of 'Love and Thankfulness'
Photo of Water Crystal
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