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Human Beings and Environment

Changchun authorities falsely accuse innocent people that the worst sandstorm to date hit the Changchun Area.

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Changchun Authorities Falsely Accuse Innocent People That the Worst Sandstorm to Date Hit the Changchun Area As the 'Human Rights Scoundrel' Persecutes Good People, Repeated Sandstorms Inundate Beijing
Drought in China: Closed to 20 Million People Without Water for Drinking; Part of Songhua River Exposed its Bottom Qinghai Province, China: The Viciousness of Qinghai Labor Camp Incurred Anger from Heaven -- Severe Earthquake
Corrupt Government Leaders Bring Disasters to the People A Huge Fire at Laitai Flower Market in Beijing Dong Sanhuan Area - Beijing Residents Suffer from Natural And Man-made Disasters
Since April 2002, Locust Infestations Damaged Many Areas - 14 Provinces In Emergency Alert For Locusts Heavy Rains and Hail Assault Harbin City As a Result of Evil Deeds by Prison guards
Hailstorm Hits the City of Changchun As a Result of Good People Suffered Injustice Ten Days of Hot Weather Lead Many to Call Beijing a Sauna
Masanjia Labor Camp's Persecution of Kind People Brings Rain and Hail Storms to Shenyang City, Liaoning Province Tyranny Rule and Evil Police Harm Citizens - Beijing Attacked by Torrential Rain and Muds
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