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The Universe

On March 26, 2003, NASA published a group of images captured by Hubble Space Telescope. The images captured on May 20, September 2, October 28, and December 17, 2002, respectively showed the star named V838 Monocerotis or V838 Mon for short, grew hotter and swelled during a short period of time.

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A Galaxy (C153) is Being Ripped Apart, as it Races 4.5 Million MPH Through the Heart of a Distant Cluster of Galaxies, Trailing 200,000-Light-Year-Long Streamers of Seething Gas Hubble 'Discovers' a Gigantic Nebula System
BBC News Online:Sun Unleashes the Big One Super Solar Flare 'Staring' Away from The Earth Eighteen 'Homeless' Planets Found in Orion Which is 1148 Light Years Away from Earth
A Vicious Demon Face Covered Half of the Earth Surface Taper Nebula  Suggested Formation of New Celestial Bodies - This Photo was Taken by NASA
the GC6822 Irregular Star system Is One of Star System closest to our Galaxy - Considered to be the Early Irregular Cosmos Pattern Cosmos Explosion Created Radiation Wave
Hubble Captures the Light Echo from the Mysterious Erupting Star Called V838 Monocerotis Hubble Telescope Took the Image of the Planet at Hydra About 225-Light-Years Away from Earth. The Planet is Circling the Brown Dwarf Star
Photo of Cosmos Galaxy Hubblesite: Deepest View of Space Yields Young Stars in Andromeda Halo
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