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She has a good health was obvious to all people around her. Her kind-heartedness, selflessness and straightforwardness were highly regarded by all around her.
On August 16 1999, on Chen Ying’s way of being escorted back from Beijing by the police officers,she jumped out of the train because she could not stand the verbal abuses.
He was beaten and tried to get out through the balcony so that he could go to Beijing. Unfortunately, he died instantly on Oct 5 2000.
Published on 7/22/1999
Published on 7/27/1999 Sun Xiaobai was forced to defend her belief in Falun Dafa with her own life on July 27, 1999.
Published on 8/16/1999 Dafa practitioner Chen Ying forced to jump off the train and died.
Published on 12/1/1999 Zhang’s body was cremated without the consent of his family members.
Published on 1/17/2000 he was force-fed with dissolved salt water forcefully fed in a ruthless until he lost consciousness and died on Nov 2000
Published on 4/22/2000
Published on 4/22/2000
Published on 5/26/2000 He died on May 6 2000 in the Shuangcheng No. 1 prison in northeastern Heilongjiang province
Published on 6/3/2000 the police viciously beat her and banged her head onto the wall. Her face was so swollen that her eyes couldn’t open. She died on May 28, 2000