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Torture Methods

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Published on 11/23/2001 Practitioners are tied up and beaten with electric batons, rubber tubes, and "wolf teeth" sticks. The insults and beatings given to female practitioners are often even more brutal.
Published on 11/23/2001 Practitioners who are on hunger strike are tied to the "Dead Person’s Bed" so that their hands and feet can’t move, and they are brutally force-fed through the nose. Many practitioners have lost their lives from this torture.
Published on 11/23/2001 Practitioner is fixed to a chair with the bead bent back, the nose pinched, and the teeth pried apart so that food is forced into the body through inhalation.
Published on 11/23/2001 Illustrations of Torture Methods Used in Chinese Detention Centers and Forced Labor Camps. The foot shackle is combined with handcuffs. One hand is handcuffed to the other hand between two legs. The shackle weighs over 20 pounds. The policemen torture determined practitioners this way for a long time. The practitioners who are tortured this way cannot go to sleep, walk, stand, use the bathroom, or eat a meal. They have to walk in a half-squatting and bowing position.
Published on 11/23/2001 With both arms tightly tied behind the back, both feet off the ground or only the toes barely touching the ground, one is hung from a high place with rope. When the rope is tightly fastened, the rope will cut into one’s flesh, which is extremely painful.
Published on 11/23/2001 In order to prevent practitioners from doing the exercises, the prison guards handcuff practitioners behind their backs for a long time. Practitioners handcuffed in this way cannot use the bathroom, eat or sleep.
Published on 11/23/2001 Practitioner is locked in a cage shorter than a person’s height and of a width and length that make it difficult for a person to stand straight nor lie down. Except for a small barred door, all openings are tightly sealed. No light comes in. Sometimes they are locked up this way for 120 days.
Published on 11/23/2001 After being beaten until unconscious, practitioners were dragged away by the feet, displaying horrifying wounds and injuries from the beating to onlookers.
Published on 1/28/2002 According to those who have escaped from Chinese labor camps and detention centers prison guards have commanded guard dogs to attack Falun Dafa practitioners!
Published on 1/28/2002 Practitioners who have already been beaten are further tortured with a hand-crafted shocking device.
Published on 1/28/2002 Guards use plastic bags to suffocate Falun Dafa practitioners in forced labor camps.
Published on 10/9/2002 In the winter, Falun Dafa practitioners are stripped and drenched with cold water, or tied to a chair next to a cold air vent, and  splashed with icy water.