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Published on 7/27/2006
Published on 8/8/2006 Organ Harvesting Suspected in the Murders of Ms. Fu Keshu and Mr. Xu Genli, Practitioners Visiting the Jinggang Mountain Area (Photos)
Published on 8/30/2006 Mr. Yin Anbang, 38, a Practitioner from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, Persecuted to Death at Tailai Prison (Photo)
Published on 8/31/2006 Relentless Persecution Causes Countless Tragedies All Over China (Photos)
Published on 9/25/2006 Falun Dafa Practitioner Wang Shoushan Dies as a Result of Persecution by the 610 Office in Juxian, Shandong Province
Published on 10/18/2006 Mr. Su Guilin from Tieling City, Liaoning Province Dies as a Result of Persecution (Photo)
Published on 10/28/2006 Ms. Fu Yuhuan, 56, from Sanhe City, Hebei Province Died in 2005 after Repeated Persecution (Photo)
Published on 2/12/2007 Additional Persecution News from China - February 12, 2007 (30 Reports)
Published on 4/11/2007 Falun Dafa Practitioner Mr. Luan Fusheng Dies as a Result of Torture and Mistreatment in Jinzhong Prison, Shanxi Province (Photos)