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Published on 7/1/2003 The Hong Kong government’s pushing ahead with Article 23 legislation of the Basic Law is imminent. The "Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation" representatives in Taiwan went to Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council on June 30 to deliver 50,000 signatures opposing the legislation. They hoped to convey to the Hong Kong government the Taiwanese people’s opinions. Section Chief of Hong Kong and Macao Section Mr. Zhang Yongshan, representing the Mainland Affairs Council, accepted the signatures.
Published on 7/1/2003 To support the people of Hong Kong’s opposition of Article 23, the Global Coalition Against Article 23 organized a parade in Auckland on June 29, 2003.
Published on 7/2/2003
Published on 7/2/2003 Nearly a half million Hong Kong citizens participated in the "July 1st" Grand March Against Article 23 Legislation initiated by more than 40 groups. This was the largest march in Hong Kong since the "June 4th " Incident in 1989, completely beyond the sponsor’s estimation.
Published on 7/10/2003 Legislative Council Building surrounded by a sea of 50,000 people
Published on 7/10/2003 Reuters report on July 9, 2003: several thousand protesters held a rally and parade outside the Legislative Council Building located in Hong Kong’s Central Business District. That night, it was estimated that tens of thousand of people surrounded the Legislative Council Building, condemning the government’s plans to pass the anti-subversion bill and demanding the right to elect their own leaders.