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Published on 12/13/2004 (12/15/04):   See pictures as shown.
Published on 12/15/2004 (12/15/04): See pictures as shown.
Published on 12/15/2004 (12/15/04):  See pictures as shown
Published on 12/27/2004 (12/27/04):   See pictures as shown.
Published on 1/3/2005 (1/3/05):   See pictures as shown.
Published on 1/7/2005 (1/7/05):  Purchase Gallops rapidly spreads 2nd generation of P-M1.6G, 512G memories, 60G hard disk, 32G independently reveals card, XP windows, USB2.0 connection transformation card (ACG brand,  NEC chip, with 4 USB2.0 connections), connects through the notebook USB power supply. (Bring your own recorders and printers).
Published on 1/10/2005 (1/10/05): In Acrobat Reader software window, click "Edition" menu, then click ”°General”±, and then click ”°OK”±. On this setting, there is only a document in the historic record, and the sensitive recording will be removed.
Published on 1/29/2005 (1/29/05): The following items, materialS & experience are important:
 I. Printers: Inkjet printers, Laser printers, One-body printers.  II. Recorders: Cuts ASF and WMA section small software,  RM & ASF and SWF transfer to MPG experience, Vivid (7.0 or 8.0 edition) cuts and merge to synthesize document MPG experience, 
III. Accesses to Internet with wide (high speed) band.