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Published on 8/19/2000 (11/3/01): See pictures as shown.
Published on 3/7/2001 I engraved "Falun Dafa is Good" on a sponge and soaks it in the paint which diluted with gasoline, then print it on telephone pole, road light-post, and any wall-surface.  The effects are very good.
Published on 3/17/2001 When we hong Fa, if can absorb some related "area" and "overall situation & scene" feather pictures, there can more effective help practitioners’ Hong Fa activities in other area.  Including:
a) Wide Angle Lens      b) Angle           c) Subject/Content      d) Film Speed, ASA/ISO  e)Aperture, Shutter and Depth of Field
Published on 3/23/2001 PGP is the only double key cryptographic system, each key contains two parts: the public key and the personal key. The personal key is taking care of by Dafa Clearwisdom, public key is announcement to the public.
Published on 3/30/2001 (3/30/01): See photos as shown.
Published on 4/17/2001 HTTPort is TCP/IP channel software for end-user which uses HTTP to act (free). Using two HTTPort agents function to break through the present China¡¯s "large local area network" blockade. 
HTTPort may free download from: <Http://> 
Published on 8/5/2001 Create a CD ROM frame uses for massively making VCD ¨C setup a rack with the aluminum alloy to lay an engraves recorder by your computer
Published on 9/4/2001 To reduce the jamming of radio broadcast, please try the method shown on photos.
Published on 9/11/2001 You may use the following method shown on photos to make any slogan banner throw computer window and then print it out.
Published on 9/20/2001 Put two thin iron wire hooks together in a piece of ice. Upwardly scroll the banner volume as a scroll coil from the lower extremity. First, puts a rubber-band with two thin iron wire hook to the beginning and end above the scroll coil. After a period of time, the ice piece melted, two thin iron wire hooks naturally withdraw, the scroll is then sagging opens.
Published on 10/17/2001 (10/17/01) When making the Truth Clarification VCD, if can make a brief title (to introduce the main content), and add brief summation(to pursue people to treasure this VCD), may strengthen the effect of the Truth Clarification.
Published on 11/30/2001 (11/29/01): Introduce a method using with computer software (WORD 2,000) and BJ  C - 6200 printer to print the large brush-written Chinese character on a banner.
Published on 12/20/2001 (12/20/01): Select MP3 and the WAV music and other sound documents, then click record button (Burn Now or Create CD).
Published on 1/13/2002 (1/13/02): We can use the Windows appendix to bring "the painting" procedure to complete the transformation of the ¡°text documents¡± into the ¡°Gif picture document¡±. (Does not need TextToGif software).
Published on 1/14/2002 (1/14/01): Using the electronic books to explain the truth to the people is very convenient.  This article will guide you how to make a .chm document.
Published on 1/19/2002 (1/18/02): A successful record requires - good hardware and software, quicker speed, stable performance, high speed hard disk and is magnanimous, and also better provides an UPS.
Published on 2/5/2002 (2/5/02): FLASH animation document is small, the picture is clear, and is advantageous for through transmission and so on email. In addition, also is easy to transform the AVI document, makes the music, song, and animation Kara OK VCD.
Published on 2/14/2002 (2/14/02): Screen Capture to obtain the AVI document, so far is the best method:1)quick speed 2)high quality 3)very few side effect 4)suitable with each kind of ingenious software 5)However, the camtasia shortcoming is some body has to be standby the computer, and stop the video recording at the conclusing point to avoid unlimitedly recording to exhaust the hard disk space.
Published on 3/11/2002 3/10/02): After installing and establishing commonly used software, later if windows unstable or will need to cover the entire district or the hard disk, use Norton ghost to restore the GHO image document, the effect is extremely good.
Published on 3/19/2002 (3/19/02): A Chinese platform uses Windows2000, and the "Pinyin adds 2.2" software, will solve chats or other type of slow bottleneck problem. Moreover this software merely has several hundred KB, it wont give the computer system too much burden.
Published on 3/20/2002 Design a light box on a vehicle roof is a good idea to HongFa. Moreover, in the evening we can use the vehicle power source to turn on the light box. At the same time, this lamp box may conform to the safe travel requirement.
Published on 4/12/2002 (4/12/02): Burning VCD compact disc must use special software to carry on the music and information to be able to broadcast on the ordinary VCD video compact disk machine. DiscJuggler software not only supports SCSI and IDE-CDR, but also use memory to simulate Cache; burns the plate  stability.
Published on 5/19/2002 (5/19/02): In Dafa activities, pictures are more and more used. A good quality photo not only give a good  view, but also make a better impression, and manifested the happy and great of the Dafa activities
Published on 8/2/2002 (8/2/02): To make professional VCD, the hardware disposition appears quite importantly: CPU:Rushes 4 /1.6G or higher,  Motherboard: Intel 845G chip group, Motherboard  Memory:DDR333,  Hard disk:80G+
Published on 11/28/2002 "The composition" might be the most important ingredient of multitudinous technology on photographic and in the video recording photography. they have something in common:   1. ¡°The Rule of Third¡±   2. Content - photography is a process of "taking out", not "adding in" You may use these three policies to help your photography     a) Understands your subject;   b) Isolates it!    c) Simplifies it!   3. Films - Must bring more films.  The more photos taking may increase the opportunity to pat to the good picture which you can use.
Published on 1/10/2003 (1/10/03): The HP selenium drum damage is only the most outer layer pessimistic medium blows the wound. I use the block ink, the ink density is a big knowledge. Too much or too little are no good. Adjusts the ink, then stains the ink with the thin writing brush on "the wound magnetic rod". After dry, the selenium drum has  reactivated.
Published on 1/22/2003 (1/22/03): To make ink marks fast dry, needs 2 sections of iron wire, a computer CPU small fan, and fixes the small fan on these 2 sections of curving iron wire as shown on picture.
Published on 2/20/2003 (2/20/03): In no copier situation, we may use a scanner to send the source document direct to the printer for printing. Especially for Truth Clarification material, use photocopying form to make the massive copies, save a lot of typing and writing input tedious step.
Published on 3/19/2003 (3/19/03): Download the course to read.
Published on 4/7/2003 (4/7/03): After we have applied title and main text style in the documents, it¡¯s conveniently to apply the Word 2000 to create a tables of contents automatically for the book catalogue.
Published on 7/16/2003 (7/16/03): The advantage of Video Pack 5.10 is able to join by any data file,So I put some suitable Dafa e-book and breakthrough network blockade tools or software, such as "the dynamic net", "The no Limited Tour" as a small package. VIDO PACK is able to choose a player, either on DVD, in VCD broadcast, or play on any computer.
Published on 7/20/2003 (7/20/03): Material: Wooden frame, cloth, spatula, paper, pigment (either add the yolk dried substitution with the young crepe rubber or uses the polyvinyl alcohol) By 1: 8 Shui Zhuzhi transparent Canada yolk dried substitution.
Published on 7/28/2003 (7/28/03): Windows 2000/XP professional Edition had already established the document encryption way, only user who has the implementation encryption to be able to open his document,other users cannot open actually.
Published on 8/5/2003 (8/4/03):  Recently we used A4 (or B5) paper to make a paper bag to carry Truth-Clarification material such as frier, booklet, and CD-Rom. After print it out, it looks pretty, artistic natural, and is economical, too.
Published on 8/14/2003 (8/14/03): Besides the computer and printer, we also need some materials: Such as printing paper, knife, sealing machine, and sealed thin mold (See picture and steps).
Published on 9/5/2003 (9/5/03): In order to fully uses worn out compact disc resources, we  created some handicrafts, such as tassels with short phrases for Truth-Clarification.
Published on 10/25/2003 (10/25/03): I used this method of A4 paper to print out "Zhuan Falun"; altogether only 5 pages of A4 paper. 9-lecture of contents put in a small wallet is pretty convenience.
Published on 10/28/2003 (10/28/03): To make a calendar is very simple; just use MS Office software to do it.
Published on 11/13/2003 (11/13/03): Wytron Compact disc copier is a single plane type machine, it need not to onnect to any computer or extra software, The operation is also simple. A user needs not to know the computer  at all.
Published on 11/15/2003 (11/5/03): CryptCD may burn compact disc with an encryption password. It will ask for your password as soon as the compact disc is put into CD drive. There is a sinicizing CryptCD v2.5 version on-line right now.
Published on 11/26/2003 (11/26/03): Please see picturs as shown.
Published on 11/28/2003 (11/28/03): When in a place such as rural fair, inhabited area, campus, square, reeducation labor camp, and so on  broadcast, it must be a bigger loudspeaker. A13x13x30 cubic centimeter loudspeaker, costs about 60 Yuan if makes by yourself.
Published on 12/11/2003 (12/11/03): Many methods of network blockade that the Chinese Communist Party had used today, it was considered as using people¡¯s money to block the people¡¯s ears. However there are also truly innumerable pursues information free people to find and to develop various tool, enabled the network to become a true free information the circulation channel.
Published on 4/29/2004 (4/29/04):  EPSON printers, such as cx3100, cx5100, from various aspects, a Epson  machine is most suitable the mass printing, why? Some several aspects: The usability, the micro piezoelectricity printing spurts the ink technology, and the low costs.
Published on 5/4/2004 (5/4/04): To make high quality Dafa books under the mainland China difficult environment, and conforms Dafa disciple to respect Master Li, we provide the chart article and material to supply the reference.
Published on 5/7/2004 (5/7/04): See pictures as shown
Published on 6/1/2004 (9/7/05): This article detailed graphically solution to show how HP 5L/6L laser printer toner to be refilled. Other type of printers are all the same mostly except for minor differences, and therefore you can figure it out merely follow this method.
Published on 8/9/2004 (9/7/05): China’s email is all monitored by CCP agency;  moreover many addresses, even if overseas addresses are blocked, these related addresses, you cannot send, cannot receive either. Therefore, you need to apply for an overseas free email service.
Published on 8/14/2004 (8/14/04): Usually a motherboard can connect 1 IDE hard disk, 3 CD recorders. If you want to burn 1 tow 5 or 1 tows 7 CD multi-recording function, you needs to have more computer connection outlets.
Published on 8/20/2004 (9/7/05): Under the Chinese Communist Party’s authority strict news supervising and managing, there are still some brave public figures to break the information blockade through each way, let the China mainland populace understand the real outside world.
Published on 9/1/2004 (9/1/04): See pictures as shown.
Published on 9/15/2004 (9/15/04): To make VCD/computer dual purpose compact disc is very simple.  After choose a burner, now I use an on hand dual purpose compact disc for example to show how to burn a CD.(see picture as shown).
Published on 9/27/2004 9/27/04): With Cole Draw software in the typesetting picture aspect, it¡¯s more accurate, easy to control picture size, position, and transforms to PDF form, also allow to insert text.
Published on 10/3/2004 Drills a 5mm hole to allow the (powder) ink be poured into the toner as shown on the picture.
Published on 10/13/2004 (10/13/05): Some people have installed the antenna for a long time, yet still unable to watch the NTD television. The problem is the satellite antenna angle of deflection and the antenna elevation angle are not corrected. The following is a summarize simple installation processing as shown on the picture.
Published on 10/21/2004 (10/21/04): Using the renewal technology, we now make the loudspeaker to be able to achieve the cover scope of 4~6 miles, the broadcast time last as long as 10 hours, and the maximum work rate may reach to 80W.
Published on 10/26/2004 (10/26/04): The VCD compact disc is our Clarify-Truth powerful tool. If 2 to 4 recorders are added to our computer, the VCD duplication will be much fast.
Published on 10/27/2004 (10/27/04): In my experience, the quickest input Chinese character will be ¡°The Five Step¡± method (such as ¡°Intelligent Chen Bridge Five¡±), it requires practicing though; if you are not familiar with it, use ¡°Pinyin¡± method is better.
Published on 11/13/2004
Published on 12/11/2004 (12/11/04):  See pictures as shown.
Published on 12/13/2004 (12/15/04):   See pictures as shown.
Published on 12/15/2004 (12/15/04): See pictures as shown.
Published on 12/15/2004 (12/15/04):  See pictures as shown
Published on 12/27/2004 (12/27/04):   See pictures as shown.
Published on 1/3/2005 (1/3/05):   See pictures as shown.
Published on 1/7/2005 (1/7/05):  Purchase Gallops rapidly spreads 2nd generation of P-M1.6G, 512G memories, 60G hard disk, 32G independently reveals card, XP windows, USB2.0 connection transformation card (ACG brand,  NEC chip, with 4 USB2.0 connections), connects through the notebook USB power supply. (Bring your own recorders and printers).
Published on 1/10/2005 (1/10/05): In Acrobat Reader software window, click "Edition" menu, then click ¡°General¡±, and then click ¡°OK¡±. On this setting, there is only a document in the historic record, and the sensitive recording will be removed.
Published on 1/29/2005 (1/29/05): The following items, materialS & experience are important:
 I. Printers: Inkjet printers, Laser printers, One-body printers.  II. Recorders: Cuts ASF and WMA section small software,  RM & ASF and SWF transfer to MPG experience, Vivid (7.0 or 8.0 edition) cuts and merge to synthesize document MPG experience, 
III. Accesses to Internet with wide (high speed) band.