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Published on 6/14/2005 Zhang Cuiying: Why I'm Suing the Foreign Minister of Australia (Photos)
Published on 7/18/2005 Taiwan: Falun Gong Practitioners Hold Large-Scale Activities against the Persecution before July 20 (Photos)
Published on 10/21/2005 San Francisco, California: Practitioners Deliver Falun Dafa Association Statement To Chinese Consulate (Photos)
Published on 3/15/2006 Melbourne, Australia: Practitioners Protest the CCP's Outrageous Atrocities (Photos)
Published on 3/16/2006
Published on 4/5/2006 Australia: Wen Jiabao Visits Australia, Falun Gong Practitioners Call for An Investigation of Sujiatun - Media Pays Attention (Photos)
Published on 4/19/2006 CIPFG Holds Press Conference, Demands Complete Investigation of All Forced Labor Camps (Photos)
Published on 4/24/2006 UK: Parade and Rally Protesting the Persecution is Held in London before the Seventh Anniversary of the "April 25th Peaceful Appeal" (Photos)
Published on 6/10/2006
Published on 7/8/2006
Published on 7/12/2007 Taiwan: Press Conference Held in Chiayi to Condemn Hong Kong Government's Illegal Deportation of Dafa Practitioners (Photos)