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Peaceful Appeal-Meditation

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Published on 9/2/2000 Appeal to Chinese government in front of Xinhua News Agency offices in Hong Kong
Published on 10/11/2000 Chief Executive of Hong Kong delivered a policy address, Falun Dafa practitioners gathered in Zheda park outside the Legislative Council to practice the exercises and promote Falun Dafa to the legislators and government officials.
Published on 2/19/2001 On February 17, 2001, more than 1,500 Falun Dafa practitioners gathered in Los Angeles, California to attend the 2001 Western US Falun Dafa Conference and appeal for stopping the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.
Published on 4/7/2001 April 5th is the traditional Chinese Memorial Day for dead people. It is the date that people mourn their families, or heroes who have passed away. On this unusual day, over 120 Falun Dafa practitioners in Toronto gathered in front of the Toronto Chinese Consulate, and expressed sorrowful grief over the 181 Falun Dafa practitioners who have lost their lives, in steadfast and determined belief in "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance). Wearing white clothing, Toronto practitioners quietly practiced the meditation exercise, accompanied by the Falun Dafa music of Pudu and Jishi.
Published on 4/20/2001
Published on 5/11/2001
Published on 8/22/2001
Published on 8/23/2001 Three Canadian practitioners from Montreal (From Left: Dongdong Yang, Zhili Li, and Jinzhi Liu) started the hunger strike in front of the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa on the afternoon of August 21.
Published on 8/26/2001 On August 26, 2001, it was the fifth day of Texas practitioner Qiaoyu Zhou’s hunger strike in front of the Chinese Consulate. In the past five days, although having not eaten anything, she still looked strong and healthy. At noon, she read a statement reiterating her purpose of the hunger strike and expressed gratitude to those who extended help. She conducted interviews with local TV stations.
Published on 8/29/2001 On August 27, 2001, two practitioners from Denmark, Liu Ying and Zhu Xuezhi, started their 48-hour hunger strike in front of the Chinese Embassy to express support for 130 practitioners who have been on hunger strike for about 4 weeks in the Masanjia labor camp in mainland China.
Published on 9/1/2001 Chicago Practitioners Hold Hunger Strike at the Chinese Consulate
Published on 9/6/2001