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Wondrous Scenes

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Published on 12/1992 Loops of Falun emblems at the Oriental Health Expo in Beijing
A Ladder to Heaven, as seen by someone with their celestial eye open.  There was no ladder that anyone else could see.
Published on 1/13/2001 A photo taken at a practice site in Taiwan in December 2000
Published on 1/13/2001 Magnificent Energy Field At Erjianbi Beacon In South Taiwan
Published on 1/29/2001 Photo Report: The Light Shielded above an Ireland Practitioner During Practice
Egg with Handle -- the spouse of a practitioner told her I ll believe in Falun Dafa the day an egg grows a handle. The next day, a chicken in their yard lays an egg with a handle on it.
Published on 8/23/2001 A strange pattern with 420 circles in a wheat field in England.
Published on 1/6/2002 Photo Report: Falun appears while a practitioner practices
Published on 5/7/2002 Reported by Chengdu Daily Newspaper on May 7, 2002--Large Leshan Buddha Statue in Sichuan Province Shows the Rarely Seen "Mysterious Light Ring"---Buddha Light.
Published on 9/10/2002 A weeping Madonna in the city of Perth in Australia attracts pilgrims to visit(Photo)
Published on 9/10/2002 A 2000 Year Old Ancient Mirror Reflects "Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara" (Photos)
Published on 1/18/2003 Eastern Today (Taiwan Newspaper): Tears Flow on Statue of Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara in Kaohsiung (Photo)
Published on 4/1/2003 Renew diligent practice in Dafa, A Wonder Appears and Sickness Karma Eliminated (Photos)
Published on 6/13/2004 A Chinese man said to his wife that if eggs had tails, he would practice Falun Gong. Next day, their hen laid an egg with a tail
Published on 3/29/2005 Who is continuing to turn the Law Wheel?