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Other Persecution Cases

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Published on 5/15/2000 Mr. Long Dai was forced to pay an escort fee of 3832 Yuan and fine of 5000 Yuan for his wife, practitioner Lu Yan’s appeal in Beijing.
Published on 1/25/2003 Four-year-old Huhu left under the care of a friend because his parents Yu Chao and Chu Tong are imprisoned for practicing Falun Gong.
Published on 4/9/2003 Three-year-old practitioner left in the care of various relatives because his parents were arrested unlawfully for practicing Falun Gong.
Published on 9/24/2003 Hand-written message from a ten-year-old practitioner Huang Chunlin about the persecution in China, stating: Jiang is scared of "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance."
Published on 2/18/2004 Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners were forced to make candles in toxic working conditions at Longshan Labor Camp in Shenyang City.
Published on 6/18/2004 Items produced by slave labor in Chinese labor camps exposed by Falun Gong practitioner.
Published on 7/20/2004 Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Gao Yueli was abducted by police, leaving her one-year-old daughter unattended.
Published on 1/22/2006 Charles Lee Returns to San Francisco after 3 Years of Unlawful Imprisonment  (Photos)