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Published on 1/25/2005
Published on 1/25/2005 Falun Gong Spreads Quickly in Taiwanese Schools
Published on 4/17/2005 South Africa: Clarifying the Truth about Falun Gong at the University of Kwazulu-Natal (Photos)
Published on 12/9/2005 Taiwan: College Students' Outdoor Activity (Photos)
Published on 12/14/2005 Taiwan: Falun Gong Club Raises Awareness of Persecution in China on International Human Rights Day (Photos)
Published on 3/8/2006 Australia: Falun Dafa Club at the University of Western Sydney Participates in 2006 Welcome New Students Week (Photos)
Published on 4/5/2006 Telling University Students and Professors of the Sujiatun Death Camp (Photos)
Published on 11/21/2006 Rhode Island: Practitioners Expose CCP Crimes during "Chinese Human Rights Week" at Brown University (Photos)
Published on 7/26/2007 Introducing Falun Dafa in Burma (Photos)