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Truth Clarification in Markets

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Published on 10/14/2000 Stories of spreading Dafa at the Columbus Fair in Rhode Island
Published on 4/9/2001 On 4/7/04, Tennessee practitioners participated in ¡°World Primal Chaos Qigong Day¡± which was held in Nashville. Dafa practitioners performed the exquisite five sets of Falun Gong.  They also placed several  Falun Dafa propaganda boards and pictures brutal torture in the park to expose the Jiang¡¯s Group persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.
Published on 4/12/2001 On 4/7/04, the third ¡°World Primal Chaos Day¡± was held in Connecticut; various Gee Gong parties revealed their exercises respectively. Dafa practitioners also demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong exercises. People were gathered by our booth continuously to get the flyers and studied the Falun Gong.
Published on 5/15/2001 May 13, 2001, was the second observance of World Falun Dafa Day, and also the 9th anniversary of Master Li’s introduction of Falun Dafa. The nine years of widely spreading Dafa have been full of glory and hardships. Human beings, for the first time, are able to know the true principles and law of the universe. Therefore, celebrating World Falun Dafa Day is not only the common wish of all Dafa practitioners around the world, but also an inevitable part of history. There were also little practitioners performing the exercises for celebration.
Published on 6/13/2001 The Multi-culture festival in Windsor, Canada was held on June 10 and 11, 2001. The Dafa booth was at the entrance to the festival. Practitioners cherished the chance that Master had arranged for us to promote Dafa and clarify the truth. A westerner told practitioners: "I am shocked, I feel God is with you."
Published on 6/29/2001 On 6/23/01,  practitioners from Heidelberg, Fulda, Mannheim and Stuttgart attended the Heidelberg Culture festival. We did a lot of activities: group practice, Chinese writing on bookmarks, balloons, playing the exercise instruction video, photo exhibition, tea sampling etc. People kept coming to our booth and looked very interested. Some people ask for materials from us. We found that now people are more willing to accept Dafa materials.
Published on 8/30/2001 On 8/18/01, a dozen practitioners from Iowa and Minnesota attended the Iowa State Fair. They held a 40-minute exercise demonstration, and Hongfa both inside and outside the fair. At night, practitioners gathered in front of the State Government Building to hold a candlelight vigil to mourn for the practitioners persecuted in China.
Published on 9/12/2001 On 9/8/01 and 9, under the Washington DC Memorial, participants of an African-American Family Day Festival found a peaceful Falun Dafa booth. One African-American couple devoted lots of time for this Hongfa activity. During the two-day event, many people came to know Dafa, as they accepted the Dafa materials and learned the exercise. Many people also signed the petition to support Falun Gong and free Dr. Teng Chunyan.
Published on 9/20/2001 On 9/15/01, and 16th, This year the People’s Day organization committee members expressed their great interest in having Falun Dafa among their activities. They invited practitioners to their planning meetings and offered enough space to show Falun Dafa. At the invitation of the committee, New Jersey practitioners participated in the event. The city council members also expressed their gratitude for practitioners’ unselfish contributions and condemned the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa in China.
Published on 10/16/2001 (10/14/01): When we practice Falunn Gong, always converges many people, this is because the practice and music are so nice, especially in the Construction City Festival; Mr. Nicolay, a city cultural senior official, when he saw our ¡°Truth-Compassion-Tolerance¡± banner, he said: ¡°It¡¯s really good! That¡¯s why I note, for the past 3 years, our city people become so nice and so good!¡±
Published on 10/24/2001 On 10/21/01, Houston practitioners came to the festival and started a day of Hongfa activities. Their exhibition boards and elegant exercise movements attracted many visitors. Many Chinese visitors got chance to talk with practitioners about the persecution situation in China. The organizers also arranged practitioners to demonstrate the Dafa exercises on stage.
Published on 11/8/2001 [(11/5/01): The annual Wisdom and Virtue China Festival is an important event to showcase Chinese culture. It also offers a good opportunity to introduce Dafa and clarify the truth to people. A new Western practitioner realized the importance of clarifying the truth to Chinese people. Since the Festival took place in his high school, he took the initiative to contact the organizer for the exhibition booth.
Published on 2/22/2002 (2/12/02): In the Chinese New Year week. Local practitioners brought Dafa’s benevolence and compassion to the people. They distributed colorful balloons with Zhen Shan Ren and Falun Dafa written on them. At their Hongfa booth a practitioner wrote "Zhen Shan Ren" for visitors. Many people stopped by the booth to get a copy. Over the two-day period, several hundred visitors happily took Zhen-Shan-Ren home to celebrate the New Year.
Published on 5/21/2002 The once every three years German gymnastics festival this year (2002) is held in Leipzig on May 18 to 25th. Gymnastic associations and approximately 100,000 people participated in this holiday activity. Falun Gong practitioners performed the five sets of practice on invitation, and a westerner practitioner made the detailed explanation of the practice to the people.
Published on 7/4/2002 On 6/29/02, middle England Dafa practitioners participated in the Numilts Folk Peace Art Festival. They demonstrated the exquisite exercises of Falun Gong, clarified the truth with pictures, and exposed the Chinese Jiang Zemin group to Falun Gong’s persecution.  People were shocked.
Published on 7/9/2002 On 6/5/02, Dafa practitioners participated in the Birmingham Bolivia  community festival and demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises. Both Chinese and western practitioners introduced the Falun Gong by distributing circulars to the tourists.
Published on 7/19/2002 From July 10 to 14, the annual Mid-Pennsylvania Art Festival was held at the state university. When the smooth Dafa exercise music was played, we took turns demonstrating the 5-sets of Falun Gong exercises on the stage. Visitors stopped and watched or asked related questions and took information to read. Some even started learning the exercises on the spot.
Published on 9/3/2002 The Annual Oslo University Student Festival unveiled in Oslo. Like last year, Dafa practitioners at Oslo University attended the event and introduced Dafa to students and professors of the university on August 28, 2002.
Published on 10/27/2002 On 10/27/02, The ¡°Kantong Area People Festival¡± is held in Tokyo; the tourist is bustling. Dafa practitioners participated in this festival to demonstrate the five sets of Falun Gong GongFa.
Published on 5/28/2003 On 5/23/03, German Practitioners hold an information day to help people learn about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. The practitioners explained to the people of Nuremberg this persecution of Falun Gong in China and expressed their hope that people would offer their support to end it.
Published on 6/23/2003 Every year’s June 21 is ¡°France Music Festival¡±. French Falun Dafa practitioners also participated in this year’s music festival and demonstrated beautiful Chinese traditional dances and the Falun Dafa exercises.
Published on 6/23/2003 Every year’s June 21 is ¡°France Music Festival¡±. French Falun Dafa practitioners also participated in this year’s music festival and demonstrated beautiful Chinese traditional dances and the Falun Dafa exercises.
Published on 7/16/2003 When brutally persecution of Falun Gong by Chinese Jiang-Zemin rogue group for four years, Austria practitioners conducted a series of Truth-Clarification on July 13, 2003.
Published on 7/21/2003 On July 12, a Blues Festival was held in Albany, the capital of New York State. Falun Gong practitioners were invited so that residents not only could enjoy the music, but also could come to know more about Falun Gong.
Published on 8/6/2003 On 8/9/3, a big multicultural music festival held for three days in Karlsruhe’s, and attracts over 100,000 people. Dafa practitioners rented a stall to tell people about the brutal persecution of practitioners in China and the unprecedented lawsuit launched against the persecution’s instigator, dictator Jiang Zemin.
Published on 8/7/2003 On 8/7/03, Waterford Dafa practitioners to demonstrate the Falun Gong exercises, tell people the facts about the persecution in China and pass on the wonderful benefits of the practice to the people of Waterford on the Irish bank holiday weekend.
Published on 8/23/2003 Canada: From August 14 to 25,2003, Edmonton Falun Dafa practitioners demonstrate the exercises in the annual ¡°Fringe Festival¡±.
Published on 9/1/2003 On 8/30/03, a two-day "Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Party" is held in Cupertino. Nearly 100,000 residents came to attend the party. Falun Gong practitioners performed a set of Chinese folk dances including "colorful lamp dance", "lotus flower dance," "heavenly flying girl dance" and also demonstrated Falun Gong exercises.
Published on 9/2/2003 On 9/2/03, Danish and Sweden’s practitioners celebrated the cultural festival together with the residents. They  gave the wonderful Dafa to the residents; also told them about the persecution of Falun Gong by the Jiang¡¯s evil crime group in China.
Published on 9/15/2003 On 9/12/03, During Mid-Autumn Festival "Falun Dafa" and posters exposing the persecution drew people’s attention. Practitioners explained the facts about Falun Dafa. A female practitioner related how her son, also a practitioner, was persecuted and exposed the inhuman crimes committed by the Jiang regime in oppressing Falun Dafa.
Published on 9/30/2003 On 9/27/03, Scotland practitioners attended the ¡°Peace Festival¡± in Garussgol City which conducts by the Spirit Aid. Dafa practitioners demonstrated the exquisite affable Falun Gong by the innermost feelings tranquil and Compassionately strength to the people.
Published on 9/30/2003 On 9/27/03, Scotland practitioners attended the ¡°Peace Festival¡± in Garussgol City which conducts by the Spirit Aid. Dafa practitioners demonstrated the exquisite affable Falun Gong by the innermost feelings tranquil and Compassionately strength to the people.
Published on 10/2/2003 On 10/2/03, WYBE TV held a "Family Fun Day" event in Philadelphia; people were waited in line for Mr. Chen, a Dafa practitioner to write, "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is good" and their names in Chinese calligraphy. The residents also enjoyed the traditional Chinese fan dance, the waist drum performance, and Falun Gong exercises demonstrations.
Published on 10/8/2003 On 10/2/03, there was a 2-day Mila Mesa Street Market event in San Diego. San Diego practitioners setup a booth at the area of the Mila Mesa Street Market, and clarify the truth and introduce Falun Dafa to about 15,000 visitors who attending the event.
Published on 11/23/2003 (2003): November 22 is the annual Grouper Cultural Festival in Yong-an Township, Kaohsiung County. Crowds of people were attracted to the event. Kaohsiung Dafa practitioners collect signatures and demonstrate the Falun Dafa exercises.
Published on 12/13/2003 Austrian Dafa Practitioners were invited to the ¡°Information Activity¡± in the once a year Martini rural fair activity, many pedestrians understood our Falun Gong. One Austrian congressman said that she know something about Falun Gong and the persecutes of Falun Gong in China, and she said she is stands on our side.
Published on 4/4/2004 The annual Austin garden show was held on March 27 and 28 at the Austin Botanic Garden. To allow more people learn about the facts of the persecution in China, Falun Gong practitioners from Austin brought their hand-folded paper lotus flowers (symbolizing peace) and told visitors moving stories behind these "petals of peace".
Published on 4/26/2004 On 4/25/04, Falun Gong practitioners in St. Louis participated in a large-scale Earth Day activity in St. Louis, Missouri. Falun Gong  has been participating in Earth Day activities since 1999. They introduced Falun Gong and told people about the brutal persecution in China by Jiang Group.
Published on 5/11/2004 On 24th and 25th of April, 2004, the "Earth Day" Festival was held in Barcelona. People all showed an interest in learning Falun Gong exercises and asked for the exercise locations and time. When a child came past our stand and saw the picture of practitioners meditating, he pointed at the picture and told his parents:" I want to learn this."
Published on 5/11/2004 On 4/24-25/04, the ninth annual "Earth Day" Festival was held at Parque de la Ciutadella in Barcelona. Practitioners prepared lots of Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials in different languages at the Dafa stand. People all showed an interest in learning Falun Gong exercises and asked for the exercise locations and time.
Published on 5/13/2004 From 5/8/04 to 9th, the California San Diego practitioners participated the celebration of  ¡°Asian and Pacific Cultural Tradition Festival¡± in San Diego Balboa park, and performed the five set of Falun Gong practice, receives local populace’s warm welcome.
Published on 6/8/2004 On 6/3/04, Montreal Falun Dafa practitioners participated in a street market event in Verdun City. Falun Dafa offers free instruction. People took the Dafa truth-clarification materials. Children wanted to learn the exercises, too. While some of the children had trouble settling down and couldn’t help giggling, others could close their eyes and became very tranquil.
Published on 6/19/2004 The annual Staten Island Harmony Street Fair celebrates the diversity of the multi-cultural community. This year, the event’s organizers invited practitioners to participate again. On 6/13/04, Falun Gong practitioners performance with a golden dragon dance, and demonstrated the exercises. People from the audience said, "This type of exercise, which relieves stress, is exactly what we need."
Published on 6/24/2004 From June 11 to 13, 2004, the city of Windsor, Canada, organized its annual multi-cultural festival. Local Falun Gong practitioners participated in the event to introduce Falun Dafa to residents and tourists. People came to learn more about Falun Gong and many wanted to learn the exercises at the site. Practitioners performed a Tang Dynasty Costume Display, Fan Dance and the Song "Falun Dafa Hao". The performance attracted lot of visitors.
Published on 6/29/2004 Canadian Falun Gong practitioners participated in the Kitchener-Waterloo "Multicultural Festival", introducing Falun Dafa to local residents and teaching them to practice the exercises.
Published on 7/2/2004 On 6/26/04, Falun Gong practitioners in Philadelphia, invited by the Bible Believing No-Denominational Church, participated in the "Peace on the Street" community event. Practitioners demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong, waist drum, fan dance, and lion dance.
Published on 7/3/2004 Chamer, a small city in Bavaria, hosted a large-scale Citizen Festival on June the 26th and 27th, 2004. Local Falun Gong practitioners participated with a display stand introducing Falun Gong, as well as performances of traditional singing and dancing. Falun Gong’s participation brought peace and harmony to the Citizen Festival, which bustled with excitement.
Published on 7/7/2004 On 6/19/04 and 19th,   Hamburg held Altonale culture festival. Falun Gong practitioners also participated in this activity. They introduced Falun Gong, and also let people know of brutal torture persecution of Falun Gong in China today.
Published on 7/7/2004 (7/4/04): As the city where the U.S. Declaration of Independence was signed, Philadelphia held various celebration activities for 8 days to celebrate the 228th anniversary of U.S. independence. Falun Gong practitioners in the greater Philadelphia area were invited to participate in many of the celebratory events.
Published on 7/11/2004 On 7/4/ annual music festival was held in Minneapolis. Among all the exhibition booths, the Falun Dafa practitioners’ booth stood out, with a distinguished style. Many people came over to talk with practitioners, and they took the truth-clarifying literature and signed the petition to support us.
Published on 7/14/2004 The 29th Seattle Chinatown International District Summer Festival was held on July 11 and July 12, 2004. This annual event is a great venue for Asian Chinese to introduce their culture, cuisine, handicrafts, health building, religions and Chinese community organizations.
Published on 7/14/2004 The 29th Seattle Chinatown International District Summer Festival was held on July 11 and July 12, 2004. This annual event is a great venue for Asian Chinese to introduce their culture, cuisine, handicrafts, health building, religions and Chinese community organizations.
Published on 8/4/2004 To celebrate Canadian Heritage Day, on 8/1/04, a Center Fest was held in the city of Red Deer for two days. Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises, clarified the truth to the people.]
Published on 8/30/2004 [(8/15/04): As well as being able to see the five sets of Falun Gong exercises demonstrated throughout the day, passersby were treated to the elegance of traditional a Chinese Parasol Dance and Fan Dance. In stark contrast, a backdrop of banners, depicting not only the beauty of Falun Dafa but the horror and extent of the persecution by former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, drew a great deal of attention. Over 700 petition signatures were gathered calling for Jiang to be brought to justice for his terrible crimes.
Published on 8/31/2004 The Dutch annual ¡°China Festival¡± is held on 8/28/04 in Rotterdam. Falun Gong practitioners bring Truth Clarification material and hang up "Falun Dafa¡± banner, broadcasts Dafa music, play wonderful exercises, and expose the persecution of Falun Gong in China Today.
Published on 9/21/2004 On 8/29/04, Finnish Turku city conducts the ¡°Compassion Day¡±, which awakens the populace to show loving care for each other and friendly instinct. Dafa practitioners transmitted ¡°Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance¡± principle theory of law to the people and significantly enrich the principles. Practitioners also have the people pay attention to the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China.
Published on 9/26/2004 On 9/18/04, Falun Gong practitioners held a series of anti-torture exhibitions, including demonstration of Falun Gong exercises and simulate the performance of torture methods used by Jiang Group. People all feel shock after seeing the cruel persecutions].
Published on 9/28/2004 On 9/25/03, Falun Gong practitioners from Sydney drove to the quiet town and joined local practitioners to participate in the parade. They also set up an information table to introduce Falun Dafa to visitors.
Published on 10/2/2004 On 9/26/04, practitioners demonstrated the five sets of Falun Gong exercises and performed some traditional Chinese dances. The gentle and peaceful exercises made people feel relaxed and happy, and some even followed the music and copied practitioners’ movements to learn the exercises.
Published on 10/2/2004 On 9/25/04, Falun Gong practitioners provided performances of waist-drumming, dancing and a demonstration of the Falun Gong exercises, which added a lot to the splendor of the Cultural Festival celebrations. People also accepted the persecution and clarify the truth information materials distributed by other practitioners.
Published on 10/26/2004 The city of Lons-Le-Saunier in Jura Province organized a Festival with the theme of China. Falun Gong practitioners were invited to join the festivities, in order to let more people know about Falun Gong and to talk about the persecution against the practice that has been happening for the last five years.
Published on 4/22/2005 Saipan: "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance" Principles Bless the Fire Tree Festival (Photos)
Published on 6/10/2005
Published on 2/20/2006 Lantern Festival in Jinmen, Taiwan: Shaped Lanterns Bring People Blessings (Photos)
Published on 3/8/2006 New Zealand: Falun Gong Practitioners Take Part in Auckland International Cultural Festival (Photos)
Published on 3/13/2006 New Zealand: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in Parihaka International Peace Festival (Photos)
Published on 4/17/2006 Canberra, Australia: Introducing Falun Dafa at the National Folk Festival (Photos)
Published on 5/11/2006 Taiwan: Falun Dafa Has Spread Widely in the City of Tainan (Photos)
Published on 5/11/2006 Boston, USA: Practitioners Clarify the Truth during the Harvard Square May Festival (Photos)
Published on 6/11/2006 Toronto, Canada: The Divine Land Marching Band Invited to Perform on Local Russian Carousel (Photos)
Published on 7/11/2006 Boston: Falun Gong Practitioners from Boston Clarify the Truth at Asian Heritage Festival (Photos)
Published on 11/7/2006 Japan: Demonstrating the Beauty of Falun Dafa at an International Festival in Tokyo (Photos)