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Large-scale Group Practice in China

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  • Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts
    Published on 11/1/1996 Practitioners do Exercise Two on a Snowy day in Changchun, 1996
    Published on 11/1/1996 Practitioners "Holding the Wheel" during large scale group practice in park-like setting, Wuhan City, 1996.
    Published on 11/1/1996 Practitioners in sitting meditation during group practice in Wuhan.
    Published on 11/2/1996 Group practice at the site of the ancient Temple Jietai in Beijing, 1996
    Published on 1/1/1997
    Published on 3/15/1997 Large scale group practice draws spectators,Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, March 1997.
    Published on 3/15/1997 Guiyang City Practitioners do Exercise Three on a rainy spring da in March,1997
    Published on 3/15/1997 Practitioners hold group practice in a park in Guiyang, March 1997.
    Published on 1998 Photo features young practitioners in Exercise Five during group practice in Guangzhou, southern China.
    Published on 1998 Wide angle view of practitioners "Holding the Wheel" during morning group practice in modern Beijing, 1998
    Published on 1998 Practitioners perform Exercise Two during morning practice in Guangzhou, southern China, with banner.
    Published on 1998 Morning practice in Beijing, practitioners do Exercise Two.